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Now active on 40m SSB and data

October 27, 2011

End-fed, full-size 40m dipole strung to neighboring building

I recently moved houses and now have the space for a full-size, end-fed dipole for 40m.   I installed it yesterday by stringing it from the third-floor balcony of my house to the balcony of a neighboring building (which, conveniently, is a friend’s office).  It is strung toward the northeast.

It is too early to assess performance.  I made only two QSOs last night, with hams at a single QTH in Indonesia.  I also heard what sounded like Central Asian and Russian stations but they were ragchewing.  Otherwise, I didn’t hear much on SSB and was rather disappointed.

I’ll try again over the next couple of nights.  If performance seems reasonable, I may participate in this weekend’s CQ WW SSB contest as a single-band (40m) entrant.  Otherwise, I am tempted to spend the weekend at my old place, with the 5-band vertical!

I hope to hear you soon on 40m.

  1. Ever thought about the digital mode JT65A? Search for JT65HF on google to get info. You probabely like it as digital mode. Hope to meet you in the CQWW SSB this weekend. 73, Bas

  2. jack_son permalink


    It is nice to see more activity from Nepal. Since you are in KTM, I hope you can help me.

    I am trying to assist a Nepali friend to assemble a burglar alarm. I am trying to locate electronic parts shops in the KTM area. Shiv Electronics email was returned. Do you know if they are still on top floor, near escalator, in the Super Market, south of Thamel? New email address or location appreciated.

    What other Electronic Parts shops do you know of? Email addresses?

    All through the 1990s, there was a good shop [Name??] up 1 flight of outside stairs, on an E-W street, a short distance E. of the road from KTM Guest House [Thamel], when goint South toward the Super Market.

    [That E-W road went to the Bir Hospital area, blocks after passing that upstairs Shop, which was on South side of street, when going toward Bir area.]

    My friend has a small motorbike parts shop in a remote village, but often is in KTM. I plan for him to use magnetic door & window switch, OR two micro-switches, to operate a motorbike horn [or relay + horn, if needed for horn current]. He also needs a key operated switch, for mounting outside door.

    He has a 12 V battery on charge in shop, to supply power.Shop landlord lives upstairs, so timer is not required, at present.

    I need to contact shop/s, to confirm stock on hand, before having friend go for parts. He can handle basic fabrication, with an iron & a few hand tools I left him — but substitutions & changes are difficult for him.

    He contacts me on line when he is in KTM.

    Thanks & 73,


  3. 4s7jl permalink

    i like to have a qso with u on 40 or 20m .

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