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Nine new 9N calls issued

February 24, 2012

Satish 9N1AA has passed along some good news. The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has issued nine new 9N calls. The names and callsigns are listed at the end of this post.

An additional 12 persons passed their exams earlier in the year but have not yet applied for their licenses (in Nepal, the exam and the license applications are separate processes). Among them is Ms. Renu Shakya, an officer in MoIC’s frequency division whose patience and professionalism have assisted many foreign operators including myself. I was very glad to hear that she intends to file her license application very soon.

I know that Satish, Suresh 9N1HA and others in our small community will help get these operators on the air quickly, whether with commercial or homebrew equipment. All are CW certified.

I hope the next step is the reactivation of the Nepal Amateur Radio League,  because I already have a few ideas for club activities!

Update: Mr. Khadga Oli (now 9N1KS) informs that five of the below licensees are staff of the National Society for Earthquake Technology, showing the good potential for building a role for amateur radio in emergency communications in Nepal.

OM     Sanjeev Pandey—— 9N1SP

YL      Nisha Shrestha——–9N1NS

OM     Ganesh K. Gimi——-9N1GJ

YL      Niva Upretee————9N1NU

OM     Pravin Joshi————-9N1KK

OM    Khadga Sen Oli———-9N1KS

OM    Surya N. Shrestha—-9N1SS

YL     Kalpana Pokharel—–9N1MM

OM   Tara B. Neupane——-9N1TN

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  1. Congretulations to all new HAMs. We all welcome to you in the HAM dome.
    We request you to come and join us in HAMFEST India 2013 to be hosted on 21 – 22 September 2013 at Gwalior. 73’s
    Jayu S. Bhide VU2JAU Chairman HFI 2013
    National Coordinator for Disaster Communication in India ( Reg. III )

  2. Hamilton permalink

    hello fellows! ham
    just a question, who new wb4nfo ( s’Rana ) he was a realy good friend of mine and i have a thought
    for him regarding the man he was.
    my best reagards to the whole (9N1 stations )

  3. Sam permalink

    Thanks for posting this, Patrick — I did not know that Pradyumnaji had passed. I met him at a holiday party in Kathmandu and he persuaded me to obtain my Nepali license. There is some discussion of him in the book Moran of Kathmandu; he accompanied the future 9N1MM by foot across the Indian border and then to Kathmandu.

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