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Nepal’s first repeater – 9N1KS 145.000/434.500

May 8, 2012

Thanks to the energy and hard work of the staff of the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) and the technical and financial assistance of the Computer Association of Nepal – USA chapter, Nepal’s first repeater was inaugurated last month and is working great!

The 9N1KS repeater is located atop the NSET building on the southern outskirts of Kathmandu [map]. Output is 145.000 and input is 434.500 with no tone. A drill conducted at several hospitals around the city suggests that coverage of the Kathmandu Valley is very good. There is regular evening activity by NSET staff, who are using eight Yaseu FT-60s donated by CAN-USA. With more 9N licensees and equipment soon to come, 9N1KS should soon be a busy repeater indeed.

The repeater itself is a Kenwood TM-V71A, fed to a Diamond X-30A antenna at about five meters above the building. Backup power is provided by a 12Ah gel cell.

More news to follow in the coming days and weeks — NSET and the Nepal Amateur Radio League (NARL) have several projects in the pipeline. In the meantime, listen to Nisha 9N1NS’s voice announcement [.mp3] and check out the photos below! Thanks to Rob 9N7ZL / NZ6J and the new licensees at NSET including Khadga 9N1KS, Nisha 9N1NS, Jimee 9N1GJ,  Surya 9N1SS, and others for their work on this initiative.

(NSET building, with repeater antenna faintly visible atop building, to the left)

(Repeater room)

(Rob 9N7ZL / NZ6J of CAN-USA with antenna)

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  1. Khadga Sen Oli permalink

    Thank you Sam for posting.
    It is really a good start. Lets work together to enhance Ham culture in Nepal!!!

  2. mangal permalink

    what is this repeater all about?

    • Sam permalink

      Hi Mangal — Like Khadga-ji says, it is a radio system that can be useful in the event of an emergency. It allows people to use low-power radios (handhelds, for example) to speak over a wide area. We hope it is the first of two or three to be installed in the Valley in the coming months. You can read more here:

    • Khadga Sen Oli permalink

      This is the facility installed to ease emergency communication at least for now within Kathmandu valley through Ham Radio- a means to communicate even in case all the communication infrastructures collapse and or fail to provide services specially during mega-disaster situations!!!

  3. 4s7jl permalink

    nic 73 de 4S7JL from sri lanka
    ple ck

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