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New page: suggested reading for new 9Ns

May 27, 2012

Something interesting has happened over the past several weeks: for the first time, a high percentage of visitors to this site are from Nepal. With more than 20 new 9N1s now licensed and the impending reactivation of the Nepal Amateur Radio League, I take it as one sign of increasing activity by the expanding ham community here. There are several meetings and events planned over the next several weeks, which I am looking forward to very much.  In the meantime, I have added a new page to this site: suggested reading for new 9N hams. It includes links to publications and sites that helped me get (re)-started in HF radio over the past year, and I hope new hams here will find them useful as well.

The link to the page is at the top of this site. It can also be accessed here.


[Jimee 9N1GJ, Rob NZ6J/9N7ZL, and Nisha 9N1NS testing VHF and UHF links from Nagarkot to Lalitpur]

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  1. Khadga Sen Oli permalink

    Great!!! Thanks.

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